Today: Run Happy!

Today, June 5th is National Running Day!

Will you go for a run? A jog? A Wog (walk-jog)?

A great feature of running is the only person you’re compete with is … yourself.


Could you run a mile? A quarter-mile? Around your block?

A runner takes about 150-250 steps per minute (the lower figure for 9:00/mile and the higher at a 6:00/mile pace). So, if you run one mile that’s about 1,200-1,500 steps +/-. You have that many steps in you, right?

As for me, I usually run early mornings 3-6 times a week, but this week I’m laying low, with a sprained right ankle, and a gimpy left one too. Something about using a stool as a ladder that I learned last week was unwise.

Logging milesWhile that setback bummed me out, it was on the heels of the logging the most miles in consecutive months since I last weighed the same as I do now (at age 19). So, taking a long-view helps, for elite runners (or elite-anybodies) are not made overnight. It takes step after step, and mile upon mile. For example, I average more than 30-seconds-per-mile faster than I did a year ago. On top of averaging an additional three miles per run.

In 24 days I’ll run in a half-marathon. Yet, a mere three years ago it had been years since I’d been a consistent running, and thought it was just due to injury and being too busy. My foot hurt and life was packed. But honestly, my main problem was a lack of motivation.


So, let me encourage you to lace up those shoes and go for a run — no matter how long or short — and enjoy the freedom God gave you to be healthy.

34cf9decee4011e1a2ce22000a1c86dc_7As you run: need some encouragement?

  • Tell someone your goals (or set goals together)
  • Read encouraging stories of those pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone (runners’ stories here and here and here).
  • Download an app on your smartphone. My favorite by far is Runkeeper, which is FREE (download app), and is far more than an app. It’s a running community (for more than just running) … make that a workout community.

Here’s what the Runkeeper community collectively completed in workouts during the first quarter of 2013:


One thought on “Today: Run Happy!

  1. I use Runkeeper. After a significant back injury I started my fitness quest 3 years ago as well. Insanity was the best video series I have ever done and by far the most challenging physical fitness too. P 90 X then other series and a lot of Tabata sets. I believe at 54 I am in the best shape of my life. My core is definitely the best ever. I think it helps to do 30 challenges with fitness goals. I have worked on my eating habits too. I hate running but I love how it makes me feel once done. I usually run 2 to 4 miles when I run.

    I have to do something everyday to remain consistent. I only miss two to four days a month working out.

    Best wishes on your run.

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