Thirty-nine words on the occasion of turning 39.

This Saturday I reach three bakers’ dozen, turning thirty-nine years old. Pausing this moment to contemplate the milestone (like at 38), and envision the road ahead.

Treating the occasion, and my life, as a race, with a purpose beyond myself. A summary in thirty-nine words:

Behold the moment, weigh your purpose.
Duty and beauty join as one;
Joy of obedience, whether together or lonely, man.
What’s a man’s legacy?
THEY are. Invest in the next generation.
Finish well.
In lieu of presents, give Hope!


For my 39th birthday on June 17th I’ll be doing a triathlon as a fundraiser for Next Generation Ministries (NGM), aka the Loneliman 39.3. It will be about three hours of grace-driven effort!

How you can join in:

How long will it take? Swim 1.0 mile, then bike 32.1 miles, then run 6.2 miles. Aiming for three hours.