If your life were a sentence, how would it read?

Sacred Mundane: an Invitation to Find Freedom, Purpose, and Joy from Jeff & Kari Patterson on Vimeo.

What if the key to extraordinary life change is waiting for you within the ordinary life you already live?
What if it’s been right in front of you all along?

Change can be difficult, but nothing is harder than being stuck in life. This book is an invitation to live unstuck. To find freedom, purpose, and joy. To see every aspect of life what what it really is: an opportunity to see, know, love, and be utterly transformed by a great and glorious God.
Sacred Mundane is now available wherever books are sold. Grateful to God for my wife who wrote this excellent book. (Officially releases today!)


The very best place for you to know and love God is …

“Relentlessly, graciously, He moves through every mundane moment of our lives, using all that is ordinary to transform us into glory. He replaces bondage with freedom, apathy with purpose, despondency with joy. All in the midst of our regular routines. This is what pleases God.”
—Kari Patterson (Sacred Mundane)

“Sacred Mundane” is the theme of our home, the soundtrack of our lives, the drum beat of Kari’s heart. It’s more than a book (or a blog), it’s a shorthand way of saying we’re following Jesus in every square inch of our lives in every square inch of His world. Since it’s all His, let us happily live like it.

Last weekend we joined some dear friends for a “Mountain High, Valley Low” conference, helping post-college grads make sense of why we live in the “valley lows” while longing for the defining and exhilarating highs of mountain-top experiences with God.

Wish I had some photos to share of our time with some people we’ve known since the real life beginning of this journey into the Sacred Mundane (hey Scott & AJ!). For the conference our friend Jeremiah Wilson captured and edited this video, where Kari gives the essence of Sacred Mundane, distilled for a strategy for real life:

(Proud husband smile.)

Sacred Mundane the book officially releases July 25th, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon, or purchased wherever books are sold. All net proceeds will be donated to World Vision for the flourishing of women and children especially in developing communities.