I’m a minor character in the big Story.

Jesus is the Hero.

He’s everything to me.

I am a follower of Jesus with an ambition in my little subplot of the big Story to be the faithful husband of one, and loving father of two.

God called me to be a pastor in the local church, a labor of joy where I get to see people change by grace, where they are sent out as everyday missionaries into God’s world.

I live as disciple, husband, father, friend, neighbor, pastor, disciple maker, and now church planter.

Random facts:

  • oregon-city-elevatorNative Oregonian. From hometown Bend to now camping out at end of the Oregon Trail in Oregon City.
  • Youngest son of three.
  • Problem-solver.
  • INTJ, though the Myers-Briggs temperament sorter once came back ENFP. Huh?
  • Prefer to muse than be amused.
  • first-half-marathonAvid runner. Improving half-marathon time (2012: ran one in 1:37:08), and next up is a sprint triathlon.
  • Graying hair has been my hairstyle since high school.
  • Half+ of my life thus far has been enjoyed with a broken lower vertebrae. Grateful for the lessons learned through living in constant pain, though it sometimes worsens, especially when the weather shifts.
  • Graduate of MVHS. Go Cougars!
  • Studied Civil Engineering at Oregon State University. Go Beavs!
  • Took hoops (basketball) class at OSU 8 times. All A’s.
  • Received a concussion while diving for a loose ball in hoops class, during what should have been my last term of college. The outcome was to extend college three months, which led to my calling to become a pastor, and in good Providence set the stage for courting and marrying Kari. I thank God for that concussion.
  • romans-15Bibliophile: always enjoying a good book, and recommending one to others.
  • On the Ramblin’ Rod show as a kid.
  • Although I enjoy music, for some reason I can hardly remember the lyrics of any song. Alternately, for some reason I can recount the wording and location of many phrases I read in good books. (At least I could before that concussion.)
  • In our kitchen the pantry is usually sparse and the tea cupboard full. We like it that way.
  • Most pairs of my socks have holes in them.
  • Avid recycler and novice composter.
  • Unibrow. We’re each created in the image of God.


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