You can fly!

1) Throw on wingsuit.
2) Jump off cliff.
3) Fly 100+ mph.
4) Fit like an eagle through rock hole.

(Click here to see video, if not shown.)

I can think of greater tests of manhood — such as being a faithful father and servant-leader husband in the home day in and day out. Yet, I still think one has to admire the preparation and determination it took to attempt a stunt like this. Let’s apply that sort of ambition, in noble pursuits.


2 thoughts on “You can fly!

  1. I had a friend who often says he would willing die for Jesus and while I believe him I think most of the time it is harder to live for Jesus. To do the mundane day after day faithfully and to pursue the minutia without crowds or youtube videos waiting and to do so with love and grace is tough to do but the rewards are great if you see it through.

    I struggle at times wanting to be a hero but as I struggle with that I know the best heroes are those that consistently do what they should do as a husband, as a father, and as a friend. A hero incognito is what I really should strive for.

  2. I have a friend who says he would willingly die for Jesus and what a privilege that would be. While I believe him I think it is often harder to live for Jesus; to do the mundane each day without accolades and crowds cheering or YouTube video waiting.

    I struggle with wanting to be a hero at times because first I know those times are few and far between and second I really do believe a true hero is one who does what he should do; all the minutia and daily grind of life as a husband, father and a friend. To do so faithfully without recognition is tough but truly heroic for many fall away. I guess I should strive to be a hero incognito.

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