Worth a read: Counterfeit Gospels.

The Good News in 3-D:

  1. The Gospel Story // Creation ➙ Fall ➙ Redemption ➙ Restoration (the storyline of Scripture, and of the world)
  2. The Gospel Announcement // Jesus Christ our Substitute, who gave Himself for us in order to bring us to God
  3. The Gospel Community // Jesus purchased a people to embody His message, people who live in a new reality, being zealous for good works, living His life

We need all three to faithfully believe, embody, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus. When we negate one, we have a partial or incomplete gospel, that while perhaps not direct heresy will dissolve the foundation of our hope in Christ. These are ‘counterfeit’ Gospels, where we have tweaked God’s message to soften it and suit our preferences. Just about every time, counterfeit gospels represent either a dilution of the truth or a truth that is out of proportion. Sadly, these watered down versions never satisfy our longings.

Author Trevin Wax summarizes the message of his new book — Counterfeit Gospels: Rediscovering the Good News in a World of False Hope — with a video trailer:

Wax takes aim at these six ‘counterfeit’ gospels Wax in his book (p. 210):