Work: when you need to think.

20130201-064508.jpgEver get frustrated at your lack of productivity, especially when “work” comes down to coming up with good ideas and implementing them? Feel like you’re constantly running out of time?

Take heart. Doing good “knowledge work” involves approaching one’s work in a different way. Think of it as gathering the right tools for the job. Time is one of the tools, though not the best tool for measuring – or limiting – success. Give yourself (and those on your team) time to succeed. Consider these words from Scott Belsky:

“In a knowledge economy it doesn’t make sense to use time as a measurement for a job well done. Knowledge work requires a different set of assumptions about productivity. It requires fluidity (ideas can happen at any time), concentration (being rested and engaged is more important than being on the clock), and creativity (regardless of the hour).”

Source: Matt Perman, who writes one of my favorite blogs, What’s Best Next.