Wednesday of Holy Week: wasting time with Him.

Kari continues writing meditations for each day of Holy Week

Wednesday’s Reading: Matthew 26:3-19, Mark 14:1-11, Luke 21:37-22:6, John 12:1-8

“For she has done a beautiful thing to me.”

—Jesus (Matthew 26:10)

Today we see the religious leaders gathering at the palace of the high priest to discuss how they can secretly arrest and kill Jesus. We see Judas agreeing to betray Jesus. We see Jesus continuing to teach in the temple. And we see Mary break her alabaster flask and pour out her expensive ointment, anointing Jesus with worship, with love.  I know we just looked at this recently, but in case you need to consider it again today. (I know I do.)  Remember this beautiful waste … Mary tiptoed into the room, quietly knelt, and broke her alabaster flask, anointing Jesus’ feet … (the rest here)


Perhaps the application for today is simply to waste some time at Jesus’ feet? 

Could you do that today?

Martha was busy in the kitchen, busy serving:

  • Perhaps she was dyeing Easter eggs or sewing her daughter’s pastel dress.
  • Perhaps she had to have the house perfect before the guests arrived.
  • Perhaps she was fixing an elaborate Easter meal which consumed her thoughts and energy for the week.
  • Perhaps she had Easter crafts up to her eyeballs.
  • Perhaps she was trying to figure out what to wear to church on Sunday.
  • Perhaps she was searching Pinterest to find all the best Easter ideas.

None of these things are bad. But today, let’s waste some time at Jesus’ feet.

Can we agree to do that today?

*Kari adds: Ok, I’m a little scared asking this, but I’m feeling so prompted and am having that weird heart-pumping-hard-in-my-chest-thing, so here goes: If you will commit to wasting time with Jesus today, that is, spending any amount of time (anywhere from 2 minute to 2 hours) just sitting with Him, loving Him, and telling Him how grateful you are for Him, would you let someone know so they might be prompted to worship Him too? How sweet would it be if a whole host of beautiful women were beautifully wasting time with Jesus today? You can FB post: Wasting time with Him and link here (to Kari’s original post). Or share this post, or comment, or however you wish to do it, but what if we spread the word to Waste time with Him today?  Please hear my heart; I don’t mean buzz just for the sake of buzz, I mean truly encouraging our sisters to set aside the busyness and truly worship Jesus today.  {Hope you can hear my heart; thanks so much for sharing, reading, and wasting time with Jesus today.}