Take it off-line.

In many ways, email is still inferior to pen and paper. One reason is we’re constantly responding to email, while with a pen and paper we get to create, charting the course of our words.

From a post on Lifehacker, warning of email’s cunning little ways. The end:

Many of us wage a constant battle against distraction. Rather fewer of us, I suspect, make very careful, conscious choices about when to be online and when not to be. This is a shame, because it doesn’t take much introspection to realize that some things are simply much easier to do when online, while other things are much easier to do when offline. That difference calls for a deliberate exercise of choice; most of us allow circumstances to make the choice for us.

After all, we know what Facebook wants and what email wants. But what do that trusty pairing of a pen and a sheet of blank paper want? They want you to think for yourself, and to make your mark.