On your mark … Get set … Go!

Even when I knew it was coming, the starting gunshot was always startling. I suppose that’s the point—the loud crack splitting the air gives that rush of adrenalin that helps the runners race. At that point, there’s no use sitting around and contemplating the race ahead, how long it will take, how much it will hurt, how it will feel to finish.

At that point, all you do is run like crazy.

On June 16th, we heard God say, “Go!”

For about six months we’d sensed that change was ahead. We weren’t sure when, or even what, but kept praying that God would make it clear whenever He was ready, and that He’d give us the sense—the grace—to just obey whatever it was.

And He did. He made clear the when and the what, and although it wasn’t at all what I expected, I had been set in the tracks and waiting for the gunshot. We heard it loud and clear.

It was time to run.

In what direction? Kari fills in the details here…