Just follow your heart map, right?

“My heart is my map.

Turns out Tallahassee is about 200 miles inland, so I overshot a good amount.

But still not bad for a heart map, right?”

—Andy (The Office), in love with Erin, chasing after her all the way from Scranton, PA to Florida


Arriving at Erin’s door, Andy confidently proclaims:

“I am here to take you back to Scranton, because I love you, and I want to be with you.”

Her response wasn’t what Andy anticipated.

He expected to win his girl, after months of ignoring her and pretending to not like her. So she moved on emotionally. Reminds me a fool I once knew (me).

“Andy, you broke my heart, and do you know what it feels like to be constantly rejected by you? … You broke my heart more recently and more often. And I guess at some point it clicked … that we’re not meant to be.”

Andy responds:

“I am so sorry that we have not loved each other at the same time.”

Fans of The Office know what “happened” next in that episode, and I won’t spoil it for you.

I don’t know what will come of Andy and Erin’s relationship, but I do know that when this fool was growing up into manhood he wasn’t quite in-tune with what God was telling Him when it came to his future wife. Thankfully, Providence is idiot-proof for all who follow Jesus.