If you lack integrity, thank God that you are not more powerful.

When we lack integrity, we use power to control. When we lead with integrity, we use power to bless.

From Uprising:

“Instead of hoarding His power, Jesus unleashes His power. For Him, neither love nor power is a limited commodity. There is no scarcity of either and no need to keep them under lock and key. Jesus like lave, the nature of power expands when it is given away. When we are afraid to lose power, it has already begun to diminish. When we see power as a gift we have received for the benefit of others, we have learned the true secret — power can either control you or be controlled by you.

When you lust for power, you are its slave. When you live for others, you are a powerful servant of God. Only those who would live to serve can be trusted with the power of God. We seem to reverse this. We pray for God’s power while we contemplate whether we will choose to serve God with our lives. But the power of God without the heart of God would result in unimaginable godlessness. God finds pleasure in entrusting His power to those who are serving Him in their weakness.

—Erwin Raphael McManus, Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul, p. 80.