Holy Week: an invitation to focus. [Palm Sunday]

Each day this week, Holy Week, we’ll highlight with a meditation by Kari. We begin with Palm Sunday.

This week He’s sitting quietly among the Peeps and pastels. Can you see Him? We have to really focus, don’t we? My life is cluttered too. It’s busy. The kids are always talking–it’s 6:28am and one just crawled into my bed as I typed that sentence–the needs are never-ending. When do we really focus? 

I’m inviting you to focus this week. To slow. This week let’s simply read through the short passages in the gospels that correspond with Christ’s activity for each of the days of Passion Week. I’ll do the same. We’ll focus each day on Jesus Christ, His journey to the grave—then to glory—and what it means for us. Will you join me?


Sunday’s reading: Matthew 21:1-9, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:29-38, John 12:12-15.


Hosanna simply means “Save now!” 

The disciples and the multitudes were expecting Jesus to establish an earthly reign.  They wanted an earthly Kingdom. They wanted freedom from the oppression of the Romans. They wanted Jesus to forcefully seize control of the political realm and establish an earthly reign in Jerusalem.  And this kick-off event of the Passion Week reveals their anticipation that Jesus would indeed be their new king.  They wave the branches and lay down their clothes, getting ready for Jesus to take over and reign.

But then He goes and dies instead. 

All along Jesus kept emphasizing that His Kingdom was not an earthly one. He kept upsetting their expectations.  Kept turning everything upside down. The least is the greatest. Humble yourself to be exalted.  When asked by Pilate if He is king of the Jews, Jesus responds plainly: “My Kingdom is not of this world.”  But no one seemed to understand all this.

Do we?

His purpose all along was to reach down to earth that He might bring deliverance to His people and populate The Kingdom of Heaven.  We know all this right? The Kingdom of Heaven is here, yes—already, not yet—but often how mixed up I become!

How often I seek the wrong kind of salvation. How often I forget that Jesus didn’t save me in order to set up a glorious happy Kingdom here in this life, on this earth, for me.  This earth and everything in it is passing away–merely a breath.  I spend probably 90% of my life and time and energy praying and thinking and asking for blessings here on earth. And don’t get me wrong, I want to receive them!

But how much better to pray, ”Thy Kingdom come, my kingdom go.”

Yes, God loves to do miracles such as provide houses, give jobs, heal sickness, and answer the multitudes of prayers that we offer up to Him. He loves to bless His kids with good gifts.  But I need to be reminded that I’m not on this earth to be special, I’m here to be useful.  It’s fun to be God’s chosen princess, to believe in Him and be the recipient of amazing blessings, but I’m not here on this earth to experience earthly deliverance from hardship, I’m not here to sit with my hands open and just receive His treasures and sit around and look at them and celebrate how fun they are. I’m here to bring Him glory!

When I cry, “Hosanna–Lord save now!”  what does that really mean? If I were really to spell out what that often means in my heart it’s probably,

“Hosanna–Lord save me by giving me good sleep and by making my husband really happy all the time and by making him always do the things which please me and by making my children behave all the time and become really smart, and by blessing us financially and by keeping every day exciting and fun and by always giving me success.  Yes, Lord! Save now!”

Christ really came to save us from sin. He came to set us free from ourselves. What if our Hosanna! meant:

“Lord, save me from my pride, my greed. Save me from making choices that lead toward destruction. Save me from hoarding my resources, from grabbing and insisting things are mine. Save me from my ego which always wants more praise and glory. Save me from despair and hopelessness which discounts Your power and faithful provision. Save me from my moodiness and touchiness that makes me easily hurt. Save me from impatience with my kids, save me from unkindness toward my  husband. Oh Savior, save me from myself. Your kingdom come, my kingdom go.”

Reflection for today:  When I pray “Save now!” what do I really mean? Am I asking for earthly comfort or the Kingdom of heaven? What sin do I need to be saved from today? Let’s ask Him specifically, and keep our eyes focused on Him this week.

{Thanks for reading; see you tomorrow.}


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