Good words: End your own Veneer for just a buck.

The great book VENEER: Living Deeply in a Surface Society by Tim Willard and Jason Locy, is now on sale for Kindle for $0.99.

Get it. That will be the best dollar you invest today. (Even if you don’t have a Kindle device, you can read it with their app on your computer, mobile device or smartphone.)

A quote from Veneer:

“We need to go to God and then stop. We need to lay down our burdens and requests for a moment and attempt to gather him in, encountering his vastness. We do not approach him with a laundry list of wants. Rather, we approach him in order to worship him—giving him his worth—hoping that by being in his presence, we will glean a small piece of his glory to season our daily existence.”


One thought on “Good words: End your own Veneer for just a buck.

  1. Thanks for the tip, also iBooks for $0.99.

    See, I still read even though I “un-subscribed” 😉

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