Friday fun | Do you have Nomophobia?

Tonight the family and I will ‘unplug’ completely, stepping away from our phones and computers for a few days, to find renewal through rest and recreation. We’re at the end of one busy season, beginning a new season in life.

Yet not having one’s smartphone as a constant companion can make one anxious. How about you? How long do you think you could go without a mobile device?

The fear of being without your mobile phone — also called nomophobia — affects a large portion of the population, according to new data highlighted by T-Mobile in the below infographic.

A recent survey commissioned by T-Mobile and conducted by Kelton Research found that 25% of respondents would rather leave the house without a credit card than a mobile phone and 29% would prefer to be without cash. Nearly half of Americans said they miss their phones within an hour of being without it.

Some are so addicted to smartphones that 11% would rather leave home without wearing pants, and 63% would climb through the trash to find a lost mobile device. About 25% said they would physically fight a thief to get their phone back.

However, men believe they can last longer without their mobile device than women, saying they can go two hours longer than females before they really start to miss it.

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One thought on “Friday fun | Do you have Nomophobia?

  1. Are you willing to give up everything for God? Including your Phone 🙂
    Are we more zealous for God than all of our Comforts?
    Zeal is a response to God, Their is nothing greater to set your heart upon. “Prayer: God set my life on righteous things, not cell phones”

    Father: Help me to have passion for the lost. As you do.
    Zeal will consume you, what ever consumes you will be the death of you. ‘Die to yourself, And be resurrected in Christ”

    You the church are the temple, and he is zealous for you.

    Revelation 21:22: I did not see a temple in the city. because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple.

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